The 4th edition of the Octave program was a great success!

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“Dare to be yourself,
at any age,
and be part of a changing world”


The 2014 edition as if you were there…

Octave Program...

The Octave Program was created through the intention to better understand the company’s transformation and to allow both young people and seniors to play a full and beneficial role in the company.

Octave, because the company is like a piano, whose two central octaves are played (the generations of 30 – 50 year-olds in power), while the lower and higher octaves tend to be disregarded. For the first time, a seminar has been designed to bring all generations together and to take into account the impact that new technologies have on organizations.



The 2015 edition... if you were there!


This is, once again, with pleasure and in the sharing that more than 190 international participants and 21 speakers had this three days seminar on the theme "intergenerational at digital era”. The 2015 Octave Program has delighted by the quality of its content, its exceptional environment near Geneva’s lake and a communicative cheerfulness. All this positivity enabled everyone to discover, learn and exchange in order to share this knowledge and "best practices" within the companies that we have had the pleasure to welcome this year: Danone, Airbus Group, L'Oréal, GDF Suez, Orange and Société Générale.


  • Claude Onesta

    Claude Onesta

    Manager and coach for the Handball French team

    At the head of the French handball team since 2000, the only coach to have obtained the 3 major titles in handball all over the world.
  • Jeremy Rifkin

    Jeremy Rifkin

    Advisor to the European Union and to heads of State and President of the Foundation on Economic Trends

    An economic and social theorist, political advisor and activist. Author of “The third industrial revolution“ and of “The zero marginal cost society”.
  • Christophe André

    Christophe André

    Psychiatrist and teacher

    French psychiatrist, Christophe’s practice concerns the emotionnal disorders, currently working in the Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, at the Hôpital Sainte-Anne in Paris.
  • Nicolas Leblanc

    Nicolas Leblanc

    Sport & Culture Manager Evian Resort

    Nicolas is the current manager of the Sport & Culture department at the Evian Resort. Up until 2011 he was a professional football player, spending seven years at RC Lens, then playing in Belgium and Germany before returning to France to finish up his career [...]
  • Tamara J. Erickson

    Tamara J. Erickson

    Executive Fellow, Organisational Behaviour, London Business School

    Tamara J. Erickson is a McKinsey Award-winning author and widely respected expert on collaboration and innovation on the changing workforce, and on the nature of work in intelligent organizations.
  • Bruno Mettling

    Bruno Mettling

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources, Orange

    Bruno Mettling has been Deputy Chief Executive Officer, responsible for Human Resources, for the Orange Group since 2011. After starting his career in various ministries (Finance, Employment, Infrastructure, Urban Life), Bruno Mettling was appointed Deputy Finance Director at La Poste and joined the Caisses d’Epargne [...]
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