The next edition of the Octave program will be held from 12th to 14th April 2016

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The 4th edition of the Octave program was a great success!

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Intergenerational & intercompany transformation program

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Octave Program...

The Octave Program was created through the intention to better understand the company’s transformation and to allow both young people and seniors to play a full and beneficial role in the company.

Octave, because the company is like a piano, whose two central octaves are played (the generations of 30 – 50 year-olds in power), while the lower and higher octaves tend to be disregarded. For the first time, a seminar has been designed to bring all generations together and to take into account the impact that new technologies have on organizations.

The next edition of the Octave program will be held from 12th to 14th April 2016! Registration >>


The 2015 edition... if you were there!

This is, once again, with pleasure and in the sharing that more than 190 international participants and 21 speakers had this three days seminar on the theme "intergenerational at digital era”. The 2015 Octave Program has delighted by the quality of its content, its exceptional environment near Geneva’s lake and a communicative cheerfulness. Find out the 2nd episode of our Web tv in the category: "Videos"!


  • Joanna Barsh

    Joanna Barsh

    Director Emeritus at McKinsey & Company

    Director Emeritus at McKinsey & Company, Joanna Barsh is the bestselling author of “How Remarkable Women Lead“ and “Centered Leadership“. And in 2008, Joanna launched the Centered Leadership program to help develop leaders who are transforming their organizations. Joanna is also a strong advocate for [...]
  • Claude Onesta

    Claude Onesta

    Manager and coach for the Handball French team

    At the head of the French handball team since 2000, the only coach to have obtained the 3 major titles in handball all over the world.
  • Olivier Hardonnière

    Olivier Hardonnière

    Physical trainer

    As a physical trainer for more than 20 years, Olivier Hardonnière practised high level slalom canoeing during 10 years. As a coach for the best French slalom racers.
  • Martin Meissonnier

    Martin Meissonnier

    Producer and director

    Martin Meissonnier started as a newspaper music reporter. In 1989, he directed for France 3 and then Arte the musical magazine Megamix, that lasted for six years with more than 220 programs. He composed music for cinema, television, radio, and directed numerous documentaries, about technology, [...]
  • The Boson Project

    The Boson Project

    Laboratory for Human Capital development

    Emmanuelle Duez – Explorer Boson When she was a little girl, Emmanuelle dreamt of becoming a trapeze artist, which is why she studied circus arts.
  • Jean-Edouard Grésy

    Jean-Edouard Grésy

    Founding Partner of "AlterNego"

    As a consultant, mediator and researcher Jean-Edouard coaches top managers in their negotiations, and intervenes as a mediator in inter-company, individual and collective conflicts.
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