The next edition of the Octave Program will be held from Tuesday March 31st to Thursday April 2nd 2015


Change across the generations


The 2014 edition as if you were there…

Octave Program...

The Octave Program was created through the intention to better understand the company’s transformation and to allow both young people and seniors to play a full and beneficial role in the company.

Octave, because the company is like a piano, whose two central octaves are played (the generations of 30 – 50 year-olds in power), while the lower and higher octaves tend to be disregarded. For the first time, a seminar has been designed to bring all generations together and to take into account the impact that new technologies have on organizations.


The 2014 edition... if you were there!


This is, once again, with pleasure and in the sharing that more than 180 international participants and 20 speakers had this three days seminar on the theme “intergenerational at digital era”. The 2014 Octave Program has delighted by the quality of its content, its exceptional environment near Geneva’s lake and a communicative cheerfulness. All this positivity enabled everyone to discover, learn and exchange in order to share this knowledge and “best practices” within the companies that we have had the pleasure to welcome this year: Danone, Airbus Group, L’Oréal, GDF Suez, Orange and Société Générale.


  • Aurélie Truchet

    Aurélie Truchet

    Junior Manager, Danone

    Aurelie Truchet is a passionate about new technologies, social media and electronic music. She holds a Master of Entrepreneurship from the ESSCA in Angers.
  • Emmanuel & Alexis Le Portz

    Emmanuel & Alexis Le Portz

    Father and son

    Ils ont co-écrit le livre « Les jeunes et l’entreprise. La révolution en marche ». Alexis est un des 3 cofondateurs de, qui ouvre ses portes le 15 juin 2010.
  • Franck Riboud

    Franck Riboud

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Danone

    He joined the Group in 1980, where he held successive positions in management control, sales and marketing. In 1990, he was appointed General Manager of Evian. In 1992, he became Head of the group’s Development department.
  • Guillaume Huret

    Guillaume Huret

    Founding president of “Rejoice 4"

    A passionate and sensitive relationship with music has been the guiding light in Guillaume Huret's life. After gaining a degree from Boston University and an MBA from ESSEC, he spent 10 years with ...
  • Isabelle Morin-Larbey

    Isabelle Morin-Larbey

    Yoga trainer

    Après une maîtrise d’espagnol et des études de droit, elle découvre le yoga en 1978 et l’enseigne depuis 1980 dans la lignée de Krishnamacharya.
  • Christophe André

    Christophe André

    French psychiatrist

    French psychiatrist, Christophe’s practice concerns the emotionnal disorders, currently working in the Service Hospitalo-Universitaire, at the Hôpital Sainte-Anne in Paris.
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