OCTAVE is a genuine learning seminar for “Culture & Change” which focuses on change management in the digital era, taking advantage of all the generations.



The Octave Program originated from the idea of
how we could make use of all the generations in the company.

The name Octave comes from the fact that the company is like a piano, which tends to play on just the two central octaves – the generations of 30-50 year-olds – while neglecting the lower and higher octaves.



1. A transformation seminar to prepare the future ! 


New technologies are radically changing our relationship with work, knowledge, authority and time. Above all, these are the elements that have the greatest impact on relationships among the generations.

It has become essential for our companies to evolve from a baby boomer culture to a millennial culture.

2. Activate an individual lever and a group lever


For the first time, a seminar has been designed to bring together three, even four generations.

Raise awareness and gain confidence.


These are the objectives of this program, which as well as a training course, is a rich pasture of experimentation and transformation.

The Program aims to build strong and inspiring individuals, in sufficient numbers within the company to form a network of people who can support each other and drive change when they return to the company.

3. An intercompany program


A program designed by one company and supported by several companies
The intercompany atmosphere encourages people to let go and helps to foster essential discussions


4. A powerful motto


“Be yourself
and be part
of a changing world”


Our conviction : any major transformation begins with a self transformation 



5. A community


Each partner company sends 10, 20 or 30 participants, building up a ready-made network of people who are able to support and to bring change once they return to the company.

A tight-knit seminar with participants and speakers who stay in the same place, which helps with cohesion.
It is held at the Evian Resort, near Lake Geneva, a place which inspires serenity and introspection.

We stay connected all year long tp the Octave community through the website, the mobile application and the social networks. 


6. The Wise Committee


The Wise Committee is made up of one representative from each partner company.
It aims to work, share and disseminate the best practices on intergenerational diversity inside companies.
It organizes cross mentoring 2.0.
It is responsible for running the network of participants between two editions of the OCTAVE Program.

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7. The results


For the 9th edition, first time in digital, the Program welcomed more than 250 attendees.
A strong consistency in the results, whatever the participants’ age!

Overal program score for Octave 2020: 8,4/10


Companies which focuses on change management in the digital era, taking advantage of all the generations.

25% < 32 years old
50% = 32-48 years old
25% > 48 years old

Men and women 50 / 50
40% International

The seminar is in English and French.






Bring together three, even four generations to…

Learn how to communicate better

Understand and anticipate how organizations will have to adapt

Undertake: dare to be yourself and get the best out of others, share your ideas





Companies that perform better, that plan ahead and anticipate the necessary companies adaptations.

An organizational and human impact:
– More committed or re-motivated people who are willing to take action
– Transgenerational networks (e-mentoring and reverse mentoring)
– Better understanding of the digital revolution and how it can be applied
– Optimizing the ability to work together

Be recognized externally and internally as a responsible, attractive company that stands out from the rest

Cross-pollinate the generations, promote varied and diverse collective intelligence


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